Back to the Origins

Back to the Origins

The roots of Fine Sands has been somewhat hidden and perhaps misunderstood over the years. What are we, are we a surf brand? Nope. If we’re not a surf brand then what are we all about? During our 6 month pop up we asked ourselves the hard hitting questions and explored deeper into our purpose and values.

We are photographers and creatives with a passion for the ocean and small business, taking creative inspiration from picturesque landscapes and marine life. 

Years before Fine Sands was even a thought, Co-Founders Blair and Brandon would go on weekend road trips to Lancelin. Sunrise dips in the ocean, morning coffee, scenic seascapes and beers at sunset on the dunes. This place and these moments are what drove the creative inspiration for the brand. 

When our shop lease ended in June 2022, we hit the road. We took a group of Perth creatives to Lancelin to experience the Fine Sands journey and capture the brand for its true meaning.  

This collection was in production for 3 months, carefully thought out and designed to get back to the roots and share our story. The collection featured a range of ocean inspired tees, jumpers, caps and accessories. Limited, high quality products inspiring you to create and chase the finer things in life. If you got your hands on one of these products, you can feel confident knowing that you’re one of very few to own one.

Thanks for being on the journey with us, we’re forever grateful.

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